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Recipients of the CSJ Award (1959–1948)
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Osamu SIMAMURA (Univ. Tokyo):
Basic Research on the Organic Chemical Reaction
Shoji MAKISHIMA (Univ. Tokyo):
Study on Solid-state Phenomena in Industrial Chemistry

Masaji KUBO(Nagoya Univ.):
Studies on the Electric and Magnetic Moments of Molecules
Hiroshi SOBUE (Univ. Tokyo):
Study on Fibrous Polymer Compounds

Hideo AKAMATU (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Carbon and Organic Semiconductors
Takeo TAKAHASHI (Univ. Tokyo):
Research on Organic Acids

Takashi KUBOTA (Osaka City Univ.):
Studies on the Black Spot Disease of Potato
Tsutomu KUWATA (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Activated Clay and its Catalytic Activity

Ken-ichi HIGASHI (Hokkaido Univ.):
Studies on the Molecular Structure and Dipole Moment
Junji FURUKAWA (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Synthetic Rubber, Natural Rubber and Vinyl Compounds

Ryutaro TSUCHIDA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Metal Complex Compounds
Ikumi KAGAWA (Nagoya Univ.):
Studies on Polymer Electrolytes

Fujio EGAMI (Nagoya Univ.):
Chemistry of Enzymes and Toxins of Microorganisms
Shinzo OKADA (Kyoto Univ.):
Study on the Mercury-electrode Salt Solution Electrolysis

Tokuichi TSUMAKI (Kyushu Univ.):
Studies on Heterocyclic Compounds
Tomotaro TSUCHIYA (Chem. Ind. Res. Inst.):
Studies on Fats and Oils, Especially Those from Marine Fish

Toshizo TITANI (Osaka Univ.):
Chemistry of Non-radioactive Isotopes
Minoru IMOTO (Osaka City Univ.):
Studies on Organic Polymer Compounds

Harusada SUGINOME, Shin-ichi MORIO and Kunizaburo TAMURA (Hokkaido Univ.):
Studies on Aconite Alkaloids
Shinjiro KODAMA (Kyoto Univ.):
Research on the Reaction of Carbon Monoxide and Water

Shiro AKABORI (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Enzymes and Amino Acids
Yoshikazu HACHIHAMA (Osaka Univ.):
Research on Lignin

Kazuo KURODA (Univ. Tokyo):
Quantitative Study on the Trace Components, Especially Radioactive Elements, in Japanese Spars and Mineral Springs
Masanori SATO (South Manchuria Railway Co.):
Method of Soybean Oil Essence Extraction and Related Studies

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